Is no sense and nonsense the same?

I woke up from something and it nagged me a bit. It started last week when two idiots decided to treat a masterpiece of Van Gogh to tomato soup and yesterday I saw the wax museum where two royals were treated to pie slaps. The second was not as bad as the first, but it still nagged me. So lets give them what they want in a way they never wanted it. You see they import around 3310 GBP Million in oil per month. The bulk of it comes from Norway and the US. There is some from the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia as well and in previous years from Russia as well. So lets set them all to zero. And there is a small addendum. As long as at least one member of ‘Just stop Oil’ is still, alive the agreement cannot be stopped. I wonder how long it takes for them to realise that they are the cause of hardship? You see petrol in the UK is about 175p per litre (a small deviation between unleaded, leaded and diesel, but not much). I reckon within two weeks that price will go up to 355p or even 455p. Consider that there are 2,500 per million tradies and most of them rely on their vans to get around. This implies that their prices go up by a lot and that will have several negative impacts for some work will fall away. 

So how long until one of them will realise that a British wrench is also known as a murder wrench? And as long as even one is alive the agreement holds, no import of oil. You really think that they stand much of a chance with well over 150000 tradies wanting their skin? I think not and the larger problem is that these people are not that intelligent, they were coached by others. But that is not my problem, it will be theirs soon enough. So why don’t we give them what they want? We might be able to stop two problems all at once. Just a thought mind you.

I will let you decide if there was no sense to my idea, or was it all nonsense? Yet consider that these idiots will hurt a piece of art we all feel strongly about. At that point what chance to they have when we all lose our patience? 


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