Growing pains

Sorry for the delay, lost my internet last night. So here we go: I saw the article last week yet I decided to put it beside me, it was yesterday when I revisited the stage. There were things missing and that was at the heart of it. Not merely the missing parts, the foundation that we would have to take a stance, that was missing and I cannot decide whether the writer was merely cowardly or unwilling to open that can of worms. There is no real issue, the fact that someone is not willing to open a certain an of worms is not to be underestimated. We will all most likely fail there.

The article (at gives a decent consideration. ‘Will we ever… live in city-sized buildings?’ For the sake of nature we absolutely have to. With “Cinematic examples include the massive high-rise buildings in Dredd (based on the comic book character Judge Dredd)  and Skyscraper, although little detail is given on how they operate” the tone is set, yet one of the most powerful settings is overlooked and I believe it was intentional. It is the movie ‘Logan’s Run’ apart from an extremely good looking Jenny Agutter the movie touches on forms of decadence, but more importantly limitations. The City based building has a limit. In the story all people will have the die at 30, to prevent overpopulation. The book calls it the renewal procedure. Each person can renew their life in Carousel. It is the foundation that hits the core of every citizen. Those unwilling to go through that process and prefers life becomes a runner. And it was a brilliant concept. It does not matter how large the Line will be, it has a 9 million limit, so when at 8.9 million, new families will have a problem. You either limit your space to include one more, or you will find that the surplus expansion must move to somewhere else. These growing pains will be felt anywhere and everywhere. A city based building has the same limitations an island has, it is merely more direct, more defining. The writer gives a few examples but is seemingly anxious to avoid the population cull. It is dangerous because it has to addressed. You see, the movie Logan’s Run is pretty amazing because of it. The TV series had a council of elders where we get to see the explanation “Live must end at 30” the infrastructure could not deal with more people. And Expansionism is at the heart of us. More kids (sometimes seen as lust), more things (sometimes seen as greed) and that list goes on, expansionism is at the heart of it and we are for the most its slaves. I would like to be in such a place(without the culling) but when limits come something will have to give and that is where these places become hazardous, all of them become hazardous because it is part of us, we carry the failing within.


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