The financial model

It is a model I always had great issues with, in part because I do not totally understand it. I do understand the basics, but not the intricacies. That is not a great loss for me as my work and other events never touched on those parts. Yesterday as I was watching ‘meta spaces’ I saw that there is an opportune moment. It is still too early, but my third IP bundle is now eager to get started. Unfortunate it seems that Amazon and Google remain silent regarding interest. Fortunate for me Alibaba is now entering this race and is moving to pole position. The IP is seemingly at best $5-$8 billion from my point of view and for the longest time Amazon had preference as it was able to go in two directions with this. The first IP bundle is now offered to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and I am pushing the old threat I had. I would sell it to Saudi Arabia for 35% of the value before I hand it to Microsoft for 165% of the value. Now I see a different setting for bundle three. I have no idea if Alibaba will answer that call and more importantly what they are willing to shell out, but that makes the loss for the American economy 2 out of 2, and personally I do not care. They made their own bed. The financial model is nice when all the players are nice to one another, but after 35 years I have seen how American companies are driven by greed and now two players get access to an area that they had little access too and America if it wants a slice of that will have to play nice now (with whomever buys my IP). There is still an inherent risk with bundle three and that is fine, well I think it is fine at least. The issue is not 2024 or even 2025. Whomever has this solution will laugh to the bank on a daily basis in 2030 and it is the long game that counts. I reckon that if one of these two hits pay-dirt, the others will be coveted by all who see it and for a lot of them it will be too late. The KSA (optionally Alibaba too) will have first choice when they buy one of my IP’s and I reckon that Microsoft will shout and scream foul play, but they did this to themselves. The other two would have placed them outside of he options through inactivity. 

Could I make more? Yes, but if these two buy my IP I will make enough and that is what matters to me, the greed model was never appealing to me and I am driven to make it work for the other two so that I can tell the non-options that they had years to listen, but they knew better. In a constricted economy letting $500 million a month and another totalling to $5 billion, how is leaving that on the floor a good idea? I can find nothing but the ego of some and their need to leave the impression that my ideas are foul. I wonder what the first victory will make some state after that. Well, it is time for me to try and decipher part of a financial model. It does not affect me, but overall, it influences the assigned value to me and that would be nice to know too. 


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