Creating a sleuth

That is part of the challenge for me today. You see, when I started to build the blocks for Keno Diastima season three, I mentioned (yesterday) that the cold war was part of it, as was the Truman Doctrine. Yet we need to see past the point, see more than the point covers. As such we need to look at the events like a sleuth. There is a call here. When is it approaching Sleuth (with Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier) and not Klute (with Donald Sutherland and Jane Fonda)? You see, we can make the events fall both or either. So we have a person shot and the immediate witnesses call for one, all whilst the monitoring station would see another angle and when the image is completed we see that there were more parties available, as such the direct stage fails, it only works when these parties are the only ones there. But when we add two players we get a new premise. Why two? Is it because it worked or is it because it is the only way it could have worked? What if the second player is around because that is the only way the patsy would have fallen for it? Consider a child being the second party and it is merely there for the mother to spin the yarn and set up the patsy, because that is the only way the patsy would have fallen for the ruse. These elements matter when the game is not merely misdirection, but to set a stage where the reader will fall for it as well. We need to set a strong ruse, not merely for the parties involved, but one where the reader of the story falls for it as well. That was seemingly the element I have been dreaming of. 

There are a few methods and I am looking into that, but the entirety works even better if I employ another part and that would work better, as such the idea would become a larger stage and that is where I make the change to [spoiler deleted for future required part]. Yes, this might work too and it gives me a few additional options. The nice part is that I would not need to make alterations, I merely need to shape certain events to make it all fit better. The best murder I one where no one realises a murder has taken place. There is a satisfying need to watch the police walk over their own evidence scene. If murder is about evidence, than the best stage is where the authorities destroyed their own evidence in the process, n’est-ce pas?

It almost reflects on another premise I had years ago, but never used it. What if the assassin gets a law degree, not because he wants to be in law, but to make that person a better assassin? If the law rely on the rules of evidence, than a hitman would be willing to spend 2 semesters in law school to learn what drives these two parties (law and police) to gather evidence. It would not be enough, but it could show what to place where to make the scent go in another direction. In that same manner the BI specialist could be used to set the inquisitive foot of investor in other directions and there the stage of academics come into play. Their reliance on measuring is knowing becomes a new stage. What is measured and what do they know because of it? Now for some the Klute/Sleuth link becomes more clear and it matters. You see planning a political stage, not the one history teaches us (Truman Doctrine) but the stage that it offers in addition, that I where we need to go and planning for this requires more than a leap of faith, we need to make sure that ‘history’ supports that leap. If it does the entire chocolaty part of the lolly will be swallowed almost without question.

That was the part that kept me up and now that I know where to look, or better what to look for gives me a handle on how the story progresses next. So, as I see it season three of Keno Diastima might take a little more work than I figured on.

Have a great weekend, just two weeks until that end of year moment.


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