Via pellegrino

Today at 13:45 I decided to go to the cinema. My budget doesn’t really allow for it, but I haven’t seen any cinema movies since Dr. Strange 2. At times we need to treat ourselves (and pay for it afterwards). I loved the first one, so I was really into seeing number 2. The critics are all over the field. A large cluster hates it, a large cluster loves it and I am in team 2. James Cameron was brilliant, not merely for the cinematography, but the story. The way it shapes is also magnificent. The early years of exploitation in whaling. The early years of exploitation by colonists in America. Not unlike the feelings you harbour for the Sioux in Dances with wolves, we all tend to side with the Na’vi on everything. The humans (sky people) are portrayed as exploitative conquistadors, not caring about balance, merely the bottom dollar. A little part of the brain is worth $80,000,000. The rest is garbage and it sets us up for anger and hatred. What was a beautiful looking planet is soon seen as destroyed soil, and that happens from the very beginning. So we do not seem to mind every human who is killed and we see to bleed for every Na’vi that gets wounded. It is a spectacle and it is a rollercoaster ride, but one we cherish every minute of the 192 minutes we see. I saw it in 3D and it was worth it, like the first, yet now in different ways we see that the 3D is not for the main course. It is most often the stage AROUND it and it makes for a magnificent vibe. There is of course more, yet the stage is not what we see, but it is the story and it is a story really well told, the images are icing on the cake and what a piece of icing!

In the end you have to make up your own mind and consider with every 1 star rating why it was given, I and hopefully you will side with the large group of 5 star views, the movie is well worth it. The movie actually started something else as well. You see, when I arrived and there was no one behind me, I ordered tickets for the movie ‘Via Pellegrino’, the poor cashier could not find the movie, but when she learned it meant ‘The way of water’ she caught on. You think it is lame, and perhaps it was. But at times these people deserve a little entertainment too. The thought however was still in the back of my mind throughout the film. You see I have been thinking on season 3 of Kenos Diastima. And this got me there. To see a little tip of the blanket lifted we need to consider the stage of the cold war. No matter how it started in 1947, at some point you will stop at the Truman Doctrine. You can see it how it is presented “support for democracies against authoritarian threats”, yet for me, the storyteller it becomes more and more about the military advisors versus the academic advisors and that is merely one side. For me it matters that I can wield that part in a larger stage and that would be the premise of season 3. It was the images that moved in the direction of the Conquistadors that started the view and that also enhanced the image of the VoC. You see, it was allegedly disbanded in 31 December 1799, but was it really? In our society we talk about the Gnomes of Zurich (banks), The network (technology) and the Discordian society (anti government), but we all forgot about the academics calling the shots. How did that happen? They have a lot of pull all over the place and they are trivialised. Up front now I am stating that I am not against academics, I have no ill will or negativity towards Dr Fauci. But our lives have been taken over in so many way by academics, it beckons the thought why we aren’t looking there? It is in part because the Truman doctrine is about something else, and there I found the idea to propel my views for season 3. I was just amazed that no one else had made that leap of faith. And there remains not one but two hidden banking players with global pull. The first is the Rothschild banking group, the second one is the VoC, the group that was made defunct on December 31st 1799, at that time the richest cartel based institution on the planet. Did you think that those billions evaporated? And yes, it was into billions, a lot more than the Rothschild had. And that doctrine also gets us to the Bilderberg meetings. A meeting of political leaders, experts, captains of industry, finance, and academia. The group we forgot, the academia. So yes, I think I have a fair idea now how to shape season 3 of that story.

Sometimes we get the idea from the corner we never saw in the first place. So the movie got me a little more, hip hip hurrah! Also today is the day that I produce my 100th story in succession within a limit of 24 hours. I already wrote over 2625 stories, but this is the first time I get 100 within a daily limit of 24 hours. A nice achievement. I might take it easy this weekend.


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