Yesterday’s news

Yup, that happens. We have a setting that involves the news, but it was yesterday. That was the quirky giggle I gave myself when I was alerted to ‘Ana de Armas fans told they can sue over Yesterday trailer’ (at I had no idea what it was about, but I was definitely curious at that point. So I had a gander at the BBC article. There we see “Two fans of the actress Ana de Armas filed a lawsuit in January after renting the 2019 film Yesterday. The actress was seen in the trailer, but the pair were disappointed to find she had been cut from the final film.” And moreover, the lost pounds (all three of them) results in “Woulfe and Rosza are seeking at least $5 million (£4.1m) from Universal in the case”, I believe it is a bit much, but that was decided. And if you think that this was the end of it. No no no no! There is more. 

It is the sad setting that I wanted to have some entertainment as well and I found it. You see, the events on the WIKI page are correct, yet Google gives us the image below.

The wrong information is handed to us by Google, so shame on you Papa Smurf (Sergey Brin), shame on you! And the giggle for me is that there is now at least ONE case where Wiki is more accurate than Google. Not a bad setting to start Christmas with. So anyone wanna guess how Google missed 6 billion in revenue that I did not miss? Well, still trying to collect on it though, which is a different task and a titanic one at that. I asked both Perses and Oceanus for advice, but they basically told me to fuck off (the greek equivalent is a lot less eloquent). 

Still, I found a little gem so I will enjoy my lamb stew a little more than I would have otherwise. So when ever you find something like this, enjoy the moment. The big techies can miss things too.

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