Innovation in action

That is where we are, this happens and I end up being surprised, to a degree I had not expected. To see the full part of this, I need to take you back to 2022, where I wrote about a new version of racing game, a way to use Google Maps to create global race tracks. Some disagreed that this could ever work, but today I got the surprise of my life. 

I got to see innovation in action. The idea I had brought to light. Now, let’s be clear. This version has a different setting, but the same approach and I feel certain that Ollie Tyler has never heard of me, as such it is ALL him. This is how innovation works and that is why Microsoft will never amount to anything but through hype creation and spin. I personally hope that Ollie runs to Nintendo who has over 122 million Nintendo Switch units sold. At $2 per game that could end up being a massive amount of money for Ollie, he would be set for life. In addition he could offer it to Amazon Luna as they lack racing games. The part I love is that innovation will flourish with the people who embrace it, who at times use engineering to create art. As such I say Well done Ollie, well done.

So my day is ending on a high. I might not end up with anything, but this is one of several IP settings that come to light. Now that this is clearly in the open, it is time to talk to talk to Tencent Technologies, Mohamed Alabbar, Emaar Properties and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. You see, when several IP parts connect these people will end up with billions (I will get a slice of that cake), but in the end these are solutions that Google and Amazon left lying on the floor all whilst they were all about contracting economies. And my side? Several IP sides that I wrote about a long tome before these IP parts became a reality. I am not a programmer, but I have vision and I see the vision evolve all around me and that is good, especially when Microsoft is not invited to the table. Let them hunger for scraps, it is all they deserve in light of their gaming wannabe perspectives. 

Enjoy your day.


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