A week of Awesome

It is now 2 years since the site team of Gamespot showed all lack of insight, sense of humour and based on their ego alone decided to ban me. Ah well! Such is life! The weekend of Awesome is coming to the You Es of A! The E3 is coming and all gamers are looking forward to the avalanche of games and releases. But as there is much to be joyous about, there will also be several issues that the makers, shakers and bakers will be confronted with.

Some of the games, teased with last year are still not released

The most memorable issues are Metal Gear Solid 5, still to come. Batman Arkham Knight, Mass Effect 4, Elder Scrolls online (consoles). The Division, which has faced massive delays and Fable Legends. In all honesty, some had a 2015 release, but no date given. Yet, the feeling that gamers are now faced with is the fact that gamers will be a lot more sceptical, Ubisoft will need to show the best of what they got and with the failing of AC: Unity, visitors might end up getting really cool extras from Ubisoft as they are trying to mend fences with the gaming community.

The makers of Mass Effect will also need to give a view of what is truly in store, even though they have not been announced at present. What will be interesting will be the Microsoft event. You see, their initial crash and burn was partially fixed last year at E3 2014. Than something happened, you see Microsoft delivered and brought the Xbox one community a decent year, in my view a much better year than Sony delivered. In that regard, Sony might need to deliver extra and better than last year. Many gamers are still unsettled that the achievements are not visible off line. Several other issues have been targeted, but overall Sony did not do too badly, it is the fact that Xbox One did so well is why PS4 lost some headway.

Will it all be about the new games? The announcement of Fallout 4 only days ago will have the gaming community riled like nothing the E3 has seen, especially in light of the disappointment that ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) have left the people feeling. Even though they have been strong to try to fix the damage, more work will be needed and the true feelings of the game via the consoles is as I reckon the time line, 2 months away, so AFTER the E3 2015 has passed.

The announced game for this year, No Mans Sky will be the front runner for loads of praise and awards, in addition, I partially expect that the official launch date will be given at that point. For the Sony players (PS4) one of the most desired answers will be the time of the exclusivity that Xbox players will get on Elite: Dangerous. Many PS4 people (including me) are very much looking forward to that game. I played it on the BBC Micro B as well as the CBM-64. What was shown last year for PC was very much what gamer’s desire, so I can’t wait to see that release. In addition, even though there is no news on Mass Effect 4, what about the rumours on the trilogy being remastered for nextgen? Will we hear the confirmation? We are one week away from finding out more!

The E3 will have all kinds of information, all kinds of confirmation and in some cases even less answers, but that is the magic of the E3, whether you are the gamer of death, the gamer of collection or the family gamer, the E3 will have something of your liking. Yet the trend we face is not the greatest one. Yes, I loved Ratchet and Clank and I would love to play it again, but is it more of the same? You see, Mass Effect 4, MGS5 and Fallout 4 might be new games, but they are mostly new iterations of a game we love. This is not a bad thing, it just is a fact!

You see, last year we got teased with Splatoon, The XB1 fans got a treat with Sunset overdrive, but now? What is coming not that is totally new? The division is delayed, a final date of no man’s sky is not set and Elite is locked to non-Sony gamers. What will the PS4 bring that is totally new?

Well, if you follow the people as they all went to the rapture, you will actually see something that is new. Not unique, but truly new. Which is good for Sony, but that might just be a temporary advantage. Part of me does hope it will get to other platforms, because this is a newer approach to open world gaming, which could spark a new generation of games. In the end exclusivity is nice if you have the console, but open to all is a massive driver to games, which is why some of those acts of exclusivity tends to be counterproductive a I see it.

The countdown of E3 has started, 5 days to go!

Let the gaming commence!



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