Questioning presentations

I am not without faults. I have a decently evolved mind, but I rely on evidence to form an opinion, to blatantly go on faith has burned me too many times. So when the Associated Press gave us (at the story ‘FBI chief: Threat from China ‘more brazen’ than ever before’ I had questions, and I needed a little time to mull things over. I was not taking the word of a chief, not even the FBI one. You see the issues started in 2018 when the accusations against Huawei started, we saw the accusations yet no one was even given any evidence. The accusation against Huawei remained and contract after contract went to people who sat on their hands in the 5G race. It went so far that in 2019 Statista reported that Saudi Arabia (with a fully deployed Huawei 5G network) was 725% faster than anything the US has, it ended up the fastest 5G before South Korea, before Australia and before Canada. The Saudi network has twice the speed Canada has and well over 350% faster than Germany. That is the reality people face. 

So I had questions. And the article gave me “When we tally up what we see in our investigations, over 2,000 of which are focused on the Chinese government trying to steal our information or technology, there’s just no country that presents a broader threat to our ideas, innovation, and economic security than China”, you see, there is no doubt that this happens. There is no doubt that technology firms, that some companies take short cuts, but that would still be a large reach from hacker to ‘Chinese government’, and I think that FBI Director Christopher Wray needs to present evidence. We did not get it with the Huawei debacle and the less evidence we see presented, the less government credibility remains. 

The harm from the Chinese government’s economic espionage isn’t just that its companies pull ahead based on illegally gotten technology. While they pull ahead, they push our companies and workers behind,” Wray said. “That harm — company failures, job losses — has been building for a decade to the crush we feel today. It’s harm felt across the country, by workers in a whole range of industries.” Is equally a debatable statement. US fat cats got rich and lazy, they relied on their bonuses to keep them supplied in viagra and all the women they could bed, all the shallow extra’s they could afford (aka cars, yachts). If you look at the setting, the larger steps (in the US) are clearly made by people like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. In an age where the US claims to have all this innovation, I have well over a dozen IP, Elon Musk came up with an evolutionary mobile concept, a new approach to energy winning and a few things more, where are the other innovators? Where are the other tall orders? Microsoft spins technology via marketing. In this setting IBM remains with true new technology in Quantum computing, the rest presents on something that comes, relies on their AI, something that does NOT even exist. So where exactly are these 2,000 investigations going?

The US is facing a decade of crush to stupidity, short sightedness and laziness. In that equation I should not even make a dent, but here I am with a dozen of IP that the US does not have and some of that was discussed in previous articles so feel free to not believe me, but I made mention of the IP, including the concept of printable displays. Something even Sony does not have. 

When we are given “The Justice Department in 2014 indicted five Chinese military officers on charges of hacking into major American corporations. One year later, the U.S. and China announced a deal at the White House to not steal each other’s intellectual property or trade secrets for commercial gain”, we see an example 8 years old, I do not doubt that, but I wonder what the Chinese government has stolen exactly. It cannot be 5G, what they have is massively superior than what the others have and even now Nokia is allegedly selling off parts to keep their R&D going. There is no doubt that there are issues and that there are hackers. Yet in all this consider that Google acquired YouTube and became a massive powerhouse after 2006, in 2016 China launched TikTok (Douyin) and ByteDance Ltd. a Chinese firm became known in 2020 as the fastest growing brand, and in 2021 as the most popular website, a new powerhouse that is nowhere near the size of YouTube but a clear contender. Innovation at strength, I warned people again and again that innovation trumps iteration and this is what happens when you sit down and relax. So I leave it to FBI Director Christopher Wray to present us all evidence and clear evidence that clearly divides Russian and Chinese hackers and either clearly connect them to their government, or separated them from their government. Yet I believe that Christopher Robin needs to take a larger look at his 100 acres accusation meadow and give the real goods. Yes the US is in a downward spiral, but the US did this to themselves. When the fat-cats go lazy, the hungry ones get the cream of the forest. Huawei showed you all and so did TikTok. I believe that there is a larger level of industrial espionage and there are plenty of fingers to point at real dangers, yet at no point do we see evidence that all of it is government driven. So far the REvil gang has seen arrests by the FSB, others have been arrested and at present no evidence is clearly shown to see government connections. I am not stating that these connections do not exist, I say that evidence has not been shown, and we get too many accusations and too little evidence all whilst at present too little innovation comes from the US. To state that only three parties (Bezos, Musk and IBM) is not entirely correct, but they do get all the media, so when the media gives us Microsoft iteration after iterations making claims of their most powerful console in the world and the weakest of all consoles (Nintendo Switch) passes them by with the greatest of ease. It is not because of “company failures, job losses — has been building for a decade to the crush we feel today”, it is because what marketing spins and the reality of what the people want is not the same. And that is a hard lesson to learn and the US is seemingly unable to learn it.


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