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In the previous article ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ (at I discussed a new movie idea, and now I want to add to this. You see, a concept starts nice, but we need to follow it through, drive the dagger home as it is called at times. So in the image below I added a few tracks to the movie story.

Fictive example

As you see in the charts, it is a straight line, and it needs to be. No matter how the movie is made, these tracks tend to have a ‘clear’ path. So we have two tracks added to the real path, now if we merely go through the steps, it becomes a dull exercise and one that relies on all kinds of action sequences. But what happens when we consider the green dots? These are the dots that overlap other tracks and other options, perhaps the two interact, but I try to avoid that, as I feel it becomes rather messy at that point, but I did make references in the first article. I mentioned the Youm7 News Agency, the Mobica store, and they are relatively together. All options to make the change interesting and set the starting point in a different way. As for the export license, it has been done before to implement weapons in cars, but who took the time to see how you fit an M60  (taken apart) in the spare-parts of cars the firing pins UNDER the tools of a trolley chest tool chest? There are all options and there are more and when we interact one with the other we see opportunities arise. So doe the enemy (the opposition of the movie). What if we are aware and we ignore their part and let the work FOR us? Leave them holding the bag so to speak, all whilst the RFID sticker on the potted plants now holds 512GB and the plant is the export tally for the stolen data? (see below) 

200% of real size

The sticker obfuscates view and whilst some inspect the content, the sticker with an RFID stamp is overlooked. 

There are so many more options and that is where the movie would optionally be a new unique setting, bad boys working for governments. It is not unique, but for the longest time we have not seen that kind of movie. Do not get me wrong, I loved True Lies, I love the MI series and many more, but the stage where the hero is not clean and white is ignored, it seems that Hollywood needs pure polarisation in characters, whilst the story should provide that. That is merely my view on the matter. And I did get a few more stages done. And when you think of the Russian war, consider that my articles have a nice bonus hidden, I will let you figure that one out. I need a sandwich!


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