Media bullshit

Yes, that is what it is and I have had enough of some of them. As I personally see it, it is not voicing opinions, it is catering to bullies. All the anti UK messages when the UK wanted out, the irresponsible acts by the media on haunting Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al Saud without evidence, yes without evidence and now we see more irresponsible acts, but the acts is growing to more and more media and they are all whoring for digital dollars, that is the extent of their existence. Flaming to get more dollars and we are all in this mess because we are allowing for this. 

The anger has been with me for a while, but it took new proportions when I saw 

So Wired is now a bully? Well fuck them too. You see when I see “The story is rooted in anti-Semitic tropes. The gameplay feels dated. The graphics feel like they’re a couple generations behind. All the characters are one-dimensional. It doesn’t stay true to the established lore. Every character feels like an off-brand version of the characters we know and love. There’s no sense of place. No magic, no heart” I see nothing less than the validation that Jaina Grey should be seen as nothing more than a piece of garbage. Like others she makes zero mention of Avalanche software, she makes no mention of what they achieved, she merely uses Wired as a channel for Rowling hate, like any bully she lost the right of life, it is that simple. Fell free to disagree, because that is YOUR right. Agree or disagree these are the choices. Some will do neither, that is fair. Either they do not care (valid enough), or they honestly do not know where they stand (also very valid). We do not need to have some feeling of knowledge, the world is too big for that. This is bad news for the digital dollar prostitutes, but that is life. I think this is also the first time I think I have anti-transgender feelings. If they want to rely on bullies, their rights of life are made forfeit. It is not nice, but that is how it is. I truly deeply hate traitors and bullies.

So where were the anti-semitic tropes? This is about a wizard boy (or girl) facing a goblin extremist who gets ‘assistance’ from a dark wizard named Victor Rookwood. In this we also meet our share of ‘friendly’ goblins and we see early on in the game, any goblin not on his side is an enemy, which seems to connect to the Taliban and Al Qaeda (and many others), as such where is the anti-semitic side?

The graphics are great, they might not be completely next generation, but they are valid and more important, they bring the atmosphere to the level it needs to be. The game gives us magic and the game gives us character. I am not entirely opposing the one dimension character mention. You see like the US around 1800, the US had John Adams and they were killing native Americans, but perhaps the writer identifies with them. They killed 56 million indigenous people over about 100 years in South, Central and North America. Isn’t that the one dimensional people you mean? Americans murdering native American landowners? Wasn’t it all good for progress? 

In the end, what I stated remains. We all have our own opinions on gaming and certain titles, but to attack Avalanche because you hate Rowling is the act of a bully and bullies have no right to life as I personally see it. The editor of Wired better clean up this mess and be bloody quick about it. So how about that Gideon Lichfield, you ready to do your job yet?

Oh and for my view? I have had a better feeling playing this game the last 20-40 hours than I have had for almost a year. Other games like God of war: Ragnarok might be graphically superior, the music sounds better and they were fun too, yet this game was a lot more fun to play. The fun of gaming, who remembers that? Avalanche delivered the goods, it is time for the media to stop sucking (whatever) and do their jobs. I get that not everyone will love the game, but reviewers need to remain neutral and someone giving this game a 10% rating lost the plot a long time ago.

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