Operation fat woman

Yes, that is one way of saying it, the other one is ‘Операция “Толстая женщина”’ That is what the BBC shows us (at https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-64610954). There we are given ‘Pregnant Russian women flying to Argentina for citizenship, officials say’. Yes, that sounds ice, but what about the men? When will they come? Is this some FSB (or GRU) sleeper solution? Don’t think that these questions are weird. Consider how many people (in Russia) can just get on a plane and travel to South America? And what happens when these ‘fathers’ start a new Russian Mafia cel? Argentina will have a completely new stage of problems. I wanted to inform you yesterday, but the article in Wired had my blood boiling and straight thinking was not possible at that moment. So here I am catching up. The article also gives us “More than 5,000 pregnant Russian women have entered Argentina in recent months, including 33 on a single flight on Thursday, officials say” as such Argentina already has a problem. 5,000 pregnant women implies up to 5,000 man will join them soon enough. They are just awaiting the citizenship jump and away they go. As such Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay will get its own sort of problems and this will escalate quickly. And we see the issue with “Having an Argentine child also speeds up the citizenship process for parents. As it stands, Russians can travel visa-free to only 87 countries” these Russians will get access to 84 additional countries and that is merely the beginning of the mess that will land on Buenos Aires. The other countries will either remove the Argentinian passport from their ‘safe’ list or open up a whole mountain or troubles down the road. 

I get that plenty of women are trying to get away from it all, but the bulk of the women cannot afford to travel to South America, which beckons the question what else is happening. I cannot say for certain, but I reckon that the Commonwealth and the US will now have to take more drastic steps to keep their borders safe. I merely wonder what other countries are facing this, I refuse to believe that this is an Argentina only problem, this is a setting that could hit over a dozen places, as such what will come next? Something will come, and it is not just the baby, it is more. At present I just do not know what will be next.


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