When we see a hustle

This is the idea that came to my mind when I saw ‘US-GCC meetings in Riyadh seek to counter Iranian threats’ (at https://www.arabnews.com/node/2250361/middle-east). Thee we see “A senior US delegation led by Special Envoy for Iran Rob Malley is participating in meetings in Riyadh this week focused on confronting the increasing threats posed by Tehran in the region.” My initial response would be “Oh, whoop di do”, you see, I was on that horse long before I wrote ‘The Iranian play’, which was in August 2021 (at https://lawlordtobe.com/2021/08/30/the-iranian-play/)  as such, is this a covert hustle for cheap oil? Is this a fake mention to be seen as an ally to Saudi Arabia? I honestly do not know, but you can read up on Iran (try Google with “Lawlordtobe + Iran”) you’ll see articles that go back to even before July 2020 when I wrote ‘A pawn in nuclearity’ (at https://lawlordtobe.com/2020/07/22/a-pawn-in-nuclearity/), it’s not rocket science (or nuclear missile science), It is all out there, with media links and all. As such when we see “US forces in Iraq and Syria “are under constant threat from Iranian allied militia groups that seek to constantly harass our forces,” which “undermines” their ability to combat Daesh.” We get to see a hollow statement. Saudi Forces have been under drone attack for some time. Perhaps Rob Malley needs to have a real conversation with Saudi Colonel Turki Al-Maliki. He has a lot more usable goods on the acts of Iran, as such the US is again late to the party, well over two years late to the party and as such I see a hustle plain and simple, what the target is is unsure, but the grasp for cheap oil seems likely. 

You see, most of us (and I at times too) see one stage, but the reality is that the stage contains dozens of stages, all with their own settings. US diplomacy, Wall Street, US congress, the seem the same, but that is not the case. They are often alike and they all have their own goals and their destination is at times anyones guess, because we are not given a clear view, we only see parts of that view and until you see the list of views and a proclaimed set of goals (if they are honest) we remain mostly in the dark and as such the arrival of Rob Malley well over two years late comes across as insincere and as such it is seen as a hustle. If the US wants to sound sincere, they need to come across with ACTUAL actions. But there is every chance that these steps come with a large fine (optionally payable in oil) and in no clear steps will we see any actions against the nuclear acts that Iran is pushing. So what do you call something like that? A hustle, or the acts of a sincere ally, because I feel certain that the Saudi government will report the acts by Rob Malley as insincere, I would too. But perhaps we will see some real actions soon enough, I am just not holding my breath on that event, I might suffocate long before the US actually acts against Iran. In part that makes sense with the Ukrainian issues in play, if only they had acted well over two years ago, that would have been nice too.


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