The sad story in this

Yes, it all started early this morning when one source gave me certain facts, facts that will hopefully shown tomorrow as I need a telegram source. But related to this SBS gave us (at the story ‘Attempted recruitment of journalists, plan to ‘dispose of’ activist: Australia’s spy boss’ threat warning’ is only on the surface of this. We are given “ASIO director-general Mike Burgess has also revealed the agency foiled two plots by foreign governments to harm perceived dissidents living in Australia, including a plan to lure a human rights activist overseas where they could be “disposed of”” and that is fine. Only a fool goes against the word of Mikey Mike of the tradecraft. Yet it is seemingly incomplete. You see there is a second cog in play. That cog uses stupid people (you have to be stupid to spread disinformation on behalf of the Russian government) and this involves AUSTRALIANS. But about that more hopefully tomorrow when I get the second source with the telegram link. At that point I will be demanding (or forcefully requesting if they prefer that) action. So at that point the intensely phrased request will be towards both Director-General Paul Symon (ASIS) and director-general Mike Burgess (ASIO). You see Australians by Russians own definition against their press have become foreign agents and as an Australian I do not tolerate foreign agents to work on Australian soil, not even in a multicultural location as Sydney. 

And now the cog becomes a little more clear. These spreaders of disinformation are not voicing or expressing free will, they are agents for a foreign power giving their audience false information and that is a stage we cannot condone. The reason for voicing it now is that SBS is giving us parts now, but mostly because a foreign agent like that is too dangerous too be allowed to continue. As such I started this now. 

So even as we are given “Mr Burgess warned the countries engaging in espionage in Australia were varied, including authoritarian regimes but also nations “considered friends” of Canberra” the added cog that spreads disinformation might consider himself safe for now, but I will not have that. The support of Russia through lies is a rather nasty stage and this is seemingly happening all over the Commonwealth, as such there is a problem and it is larger than you think.

So, it is not a simple stage, but the sad story behind this is that the children and grandchildren of the people who fought the acts of Nazi Germany are now enabling a similar setting that is orchestrated by Russia and that is sad on several levels. Consider the Australian day march on January 26th where we all salute and cheer the military for their actions in past and present. These lines are now smitten with pro nazi sentiment, you tell me how sad that is for you because to the fallen it will be devastating, of that I have no doubt. A stage we see and we do not act, but that is hopefully about to change.


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