Do ALL expressions have freedom?

That is the exercise of today, but I am adding a governmental side to this all, it is time to do so.

Director-General Paul Symon ASIS 
Director-General Mike Burgess ASIO (@asio)

Regarding: Foreign agents in Australia

To whom it may concern. Via Twitter and outside sources the visibility of foreign agents have become visible. These are not journalists or even reliable people, they are bringers of disinformation. I wanted to wait until more evidence was known, but that is becoming harder and harder. The tweet in question is shown below.

This tweet is disinformation, what is being shown is the collection of bodybags of Wagner mercenaries. It was shown on Telegram by Wagner (exacct time unknown). That last part could not be confirmed, but I do trust the source whi informed me. I think that any Australian attacking the policies of an ally using fake information and disinformation needs to be dealt with. In addition, the profile of this person has at present 109,000 followers and as such his disinformation spreads too widely. In addition to this an academic ‘hiding’ behind “dominant in a political or social context” should be seen as a clear and present danger to the Commonwealth. In addition to this, this person is creating friction between us and our allies, as such action is required.

I hereby demand (or forcefully request if you prefer) that this account is investigated. The setting seems to imply that he is a foreign agent working for Russia, in the current environment this is a setting that should not be allowed. There is of course a lot more in his statement, but there is a grey area where less intelligent people demand their say and their freedom of expression which is much harder to validate or oppose. Yet as I personally see it, the disinformation should not be allowed. People should be held to standards, especially if they proclaim to be director of counter hegemonic studies in Sydney.

Kind regards,

The blogger who is a simple no one.


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