What was could be again

Lets take a step back to 1996, Geena Davis was a big hit, Renny Harlin was enjoying the fame that Die Hard 2 brought and in 1996 they brought the Long Kiss Goodnight. I loved that movie, I am wondering what caused the 95 million over a 65 million investment. I haven’t seen the movie for a while, but it is around somewhere. The story is captivating and the actions were awesome. If there was one issue, than it is the issues that all movies suffer, you can safe the world in 90 minutes, or you can sit down and create a 360-540 minute event. Places like Netflix could enjoy the longer sway that a mini series has and when you see some of the movies from the 90’s like Long Kiss Goodnight, there is a push. You see the list of movies, especially action movies where the woman has the lead are short, as such this movie has a chance to make it a lot bigger, especially as movies is an immediate investment from your pocket and with streamers you give it a chance and that would work well for some. The mini series is debated again and again, but the evidence cannot be denied. Series like the Bodyguard with Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes put the power in the piece and the pressure remains until almost the very end with the final spin that gives you a kick and rewatching it does not take the kick away. And when you do that to a piece like the Long Kiss Goodnight you could end up with the kind of result that puts you to the top of the bill for a long time. The cast was good, yet I had some issues with Craig Bierko. Not the part he played, he played it just fine. His face was the one of a person who seems more in place as an intern at the CIA mail room (enter the lobby, go past security, turn right, then first left. Walk through the corridor, take the elevator on the right and go to -1. Then head, out turn right and the second door on the right. That mail room). I think that a person like Pilou Asbæk could turn this into something truly scary. There are all kind of voices on who would be the best female person. Geena Davis did make this the cult hit it now is, as such my mind wanders towards Lena Headey or Krysten Ritter. Don’t get me wrong, a person like Scarlett Johansson could do an excellent part too. However people like her are the too obvious choices. I think that Geena Davis was never the obvious choice and she put the two women there in a way that is not easily surpassed. In that movie Craig and Geena were the fireworks and they played their parts well. I reckon that with the right cast and the right director, the Long Kiss Goodnight by Shane Black could be raking in the results. And in a mini series that has the foundation to equal if not surpass a piece like the bodyguard (not the Costner version), the question becomes how good and what kind of a killer smash that movie could be turned into.

And lets face it Hollywood will be looking for options when there is a writer strike on their doorstep. It was just a thought. Enjoy the day.


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