When two makes a good three

I was watching some movies when a thought dropped in on me. The thought was driven by a few factors and they include a former boss, the setting we see now and the larger station of keeping some of our thoughts (and data) private got me on this journey. 

I am making my thoughts public domain because I do not own any of the IP and this evolution benefits my IP, as such I am a nice guy. The issue is not merely having an USB drive, the problem is keeping that data secure. The cloud is less of a solution and as we se the largest IT corporations hacked, their solutions are not much use either, so you need an optional alternative.

So when we see the USB key, w consider that there is more to have. Now that they have 2TB solutions, the options to keep larger solutions out of reach of other hands, we need to consider what is possible. There are drives with some keypad and you can direct a code there, but these solutions will always be hacked. I saw some of the most ingenious security settings and I saw a man (not me mind you) look at it, consider it, look at his friend, they looked at each other, they tried a few things and less than 25 minutes later they had a 12 byte solution and the security was avoided. That is the real setting we face, so we need to split the solution.

So when we consider the split solution, the drive and the key, e also need to set a larger security, the stage where we do not have the options, but the makers have a website, and we get one option to initialise the drive with the key, once that drive is initialised, only THAT key will unlock it. There are all kinds of of disadvantages, I get that. But at some point you need to consider that if you lost your drive the data would be lost too. So why hand the data to the other player when the other player could end up with all the efforts without the payback.

I merely wonder why no one else took this setting to the next level. It is not unheard of to have a set of drives that require a hardware key, I just think they should not be on the same device. So the USB drive, the security key and you could make a great three and so far no one offers it to anyone (or so it seems), why is that?

The need for secure data is largely increasing and it will increase a lot more soon enough. With an almost daily barrage of hacked players many need an alternative and the cloud is seemingly not that much of a secure solution. So when we look at what is out there, we also see that combining two good ideas could make a decent combined product and I am merely wondering with millions of seeking a secure place for their data, why the larger players who already have the solutions never jumped on it.


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