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The AP news just gave me an idea, well an idea for all of us as I am making it public domain right now. You see, that dim witted bully might have ‘protection’, loads of lawyers and options. But a lot of us in all walks of life do not. So what if there was a service that could aid us? In this the article ‘Court rejects Trump’s efforts to keep records from 1/6 panel’ it is about “keeping records from”. You see in this digital world you CANNOT keep things from anyone, data will be gotten to, but what if that changes? 

Consider the image


We see three elements, the cloud where the goods are, the connector (your computer, phone or tablet) and the data on USB stick or micro SD card. Now we can get robbed, we can get hacked and places get intruded on, but all three? So you can keep details and information safe, especially when the three settings are different placed. And all three are required to get ALL the information. The stick or SD card has an encryption file that is created through the cloud, more importantly it has elements that YOU need to remember, passwords, a pass phrase in two locations. Now we are off to the races, There are vault solutions that have this, but it is always local and I for one believe in these settings, but it is not always a great idea. So what if someone offered the service, yet the cloud version can never be accessed without the other two. The other two CAN rebuild the file, yet that will take time and the original is up to you what you do with it. A service I call CloudCypher. A place where anyone can safe their important goods. Images, documents, solutions, IP and many other settings there are pretty much millions who have such elements. Consider a place in the clouds that can be accessed anywhere in the world if the other two are presented, a solution in three parts.

Now there are always options to sink this solution, there are always alternatives yet I did not find anywhere or any place that this was offered. Yet some have access and in a state and place where the US is pretty much bankrupt. It was Jockum Hildun, at the University of Helsinki, Finland who gave me the idea. He gave me “public authorities cannot readily move their operations to the cloud and use the services of US companies because sensitive personal data of Swedish citizens could be transferred to US law enforcement without Swedish judicial review”, I knew this already, but I never gave it much thought, yet the danger of the US nationalising IP and more in the next year gave me the idea to eep other things from them. In this the Commonwealth has options for new services, but they cater to the yanks a little too easy. Scandinavia is an option but so are the zero tax states. Confidential services can remain confidential if the cloud server is in a place the US cannot touch and if the solution is in three parts the US has no access (and neither does Russia or China for that matter). There are several nations that could cater to this, but that made me consider a truth we hear in the movie the Patriot (with Mel Gibson). Why would I change my life with one tyrant 8000 miles away when I optionally end up with 8000 tyrants a mile away. There is truth in that and the option is to have a solution where no one has access, only the owner does and no matter what happens without the owner there is no access and there is one weakness, if any of the key elements are lost, then so is the data, but that is with EVERY vault. 

I checked and no one offers this service, so for anyone with a cloud server system, this is your option to add to your services and for a few $$$’s you might get more long term clients, not the one that need your cloud solutions, but the future is always fluid, at this point they are with you and how you treat them will be the setting that keeps them with you, it is up to you.


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