Restricted, Redacted, Removed

That is how COVID feels to a lot of people, it is not their fault. The last true epidemic was around WW1 and most people from that er bit the big one a long time ago. Even the few that are still around, they might not have seen the impact of the Spanish Flu, the fear that was out there. Yet now we get to go over these fears all over again and now the fears are more surreal. You see most (like me) grew up in an age of vaccinations. We saw the eradication of Polio, Cholera and Diphtheria. Diphtheria still exists but went from 15 cases per 100.000 in 1945 to 8 cases per 10,000,000 2017, so we can say it is almost eradicated. Now we have COVID which pushes the cases to 3.1% of the entire planets population, with now 5,368,821 deaths. This implies that 6% of 1% of the entire planets population died of this disease, so yes. People are scared and the noises we see on collapsing health care systems, systems that were never designed to deal with pressure of this kind is making people crazy. As such the entire BBC setting of ‘Travellers ‘devastated’ over French restrictions’, and it does not stop there. We also see “Anna Baldwin wanted to take her two boys to Disneyland as a Christmas surprise” I merely wonder how stupid she is. This is not bravery, this is reckless endangerment. 

I get it, we are bored, we are going crazy watching our walls and considering whether our teeth could scrape of the concrete. Yet the UK now has 100,000 new cases, the Netherlands is in tight lockdown with an (estimated) additional 248,000 new cases in the last 24 hours alone, and that is a cautious number, the number might be higher. As such we are looking at a few million new cases BEFORE Christmas, yet we all want the family together. Fortunate for me, mine are already dead. So I can focus on work whilst others focus on whatever they think is important. So when you gather around to wish grandma and grandpa a happy holidays and they get it from one of the relatives, consider that you killed your own grandparents (or parents). Yes that goes over real well in Disney world. Some will escape to Harry Potter World because magical beings cannot get sick from muggle diseases (which might be a speculation). 

Then we get “The worst part is that we just won’t be going. Nobody is prepared in my family for Christmas now. Even to the extent that my parents only put up a small Christmas tree this year, and they usually go over the top”, so how about them having a toast on January 10th, as well as February 14th and March 1st if they are still alive? I reckon that an additional 1,000,000 will not be alive on March 1st. But that is speculation, I admit that, there are no clear numbers, but the speed at which Omicron is replicating itself on the population is scaring a lot of governments, even the Russians are now nervous. Omicron is now detected in 89 countries, as such travel is a pretty big no no. And I am getting bored here, so I will optionally create more IP in the public domain and publish it here. So far I have a nice caliber of public domain works, so should I kick the bucket I left something for plenty of people, it was all I could do. We might be restricted, at some point some of us will be redacted (in some antivax cases not the worst idea), yet in all of this my thoughts are not to be removed, I made them online available to many. I merely wonder if (where ever I end up, most likely hell) I ever get to see what someone did with the printable TV idea, if someone was able to work out what I created, I reckon Black and White first, but from there the idea becomes the (optionally) first true RAW quality TV, something Sony never considered and it makes me happy that I was able to match souls with true innovators (Sony, Google, Huawei and Amazon), so as this world goes down the drain from opposition and disbelieve, at least some of us made contributions. In this day and age, that remains an important part, because innovation drives other ideas and optionally solutions to the mess we have now. 

We seem to watch the flames of doctors versus anti vaxxers. To be honest, I have so far over the last two years not seen ANYONE with a valid excuse. I am careful not to upset those who do it for religious reasons. I get it, I do not agree with their point of view, but I get it. And those who got it and died in that track never complained (as far as I could tell). In all that they end up merely a few thousand versus the millions of anti vaxxers who actually have no valid reason as I personally see it. 

And in all this we see the world removing anti vaxxers from consideration. I cannot say that I completely agree with the actions some take, but I get them. We all get the reasoning as vaccines are a proven solution. And yet all those people ignoring scientists, ignoring healthcare workers. I have never seen such a level of opposition, but there is a simple solution. We can just watch them getting removed from life, we can watch them die and as I see it, by the time it is Christmas we will see a new wave, a wave of people not allowed into hospitals as they refused to get vaccinated. It will allow the hospitals to go on a little longer, but as the situation takes a much more grim term, I reckon all the hospitals are out of beds and collapsing of pressures before the first week of January is up, in the US that will be fun as at that point it could default in loans and at that point the health care workers will consider themselves and the ones they care for (their family) number one. At that point you will see a new level of stupid, the anti vaxxers demanding health care, in a time when they caused the larger problem, so in the good spirit of Christmas I will give, I give them the right to die.

In the spirit of Restricted, Redacted, and Removed we will reach the days when it is time for what the Americans call tough love. We get it, they have rights and we accept that, but it also comes with the right to die, the stupid do not get to make claims on the people they endangered in the first place, it is a choice towards a station we should never accept and that is where the tough love comes in. Some will survive, some will not and perhaps the survivors will be stronger, but their systems got weakened and when the next disease hits, will they survive then? Time will tell, it always does. 

I apologise for the few repetitions, but I had to react to that BBC piece. 


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