Slapping the Google shop

Yup, when I wrote ‘Has Google lost the plot?’ Two days ago (at I honestly thought that was it. Yes, there is a lot to mention on Google, but there is also a lot of good and I tend to focus on that (when you are not Microsoft). So when I saw the advertisement below (as I was looking for something specific), I kinda lost it.

So can ANYONE at Google explain to me the setting of a 2TB SD card for $8? You know what. As I am due retirement (soon), I will order 500,000 cards at $8, with the numbers I should be able to get a 15% discount. As such Google becomes responsible for the delivery of 500,000 properly working Micro SD Cards, the fact that Amazon is offering a 1TB Sandisk card for $200, I should be able to secure 500,000 times $220 getting me $110,000,000 enough to retire. The fact that the shipment would cost me $3,400,000 implies that my break even point is 15,000 cards. The rest is retirement heaven. 

I mean can I hold Google responsible? If a company can spin AI into sentience all whilst they are being scammed though their Google Ads gives me the conviction that my path has merit. The fact that AliExpress is offering something that is not allegedly in existence gives me pause to try this. The fact that my IP would have been cheaper is also reason to set this path in motion. Google has a clear responsibility of deceptive actions to be stopped, the fact that they are unable to, all whilst we see the spin of sentient AI, whilst AI, true AI cannot exist at present gives me the idea to take this to a new level and with me hundreds of thousands of others. Where else can you turn 3 million overnight into 110 million, you are making the money before the invoice is due. Google is failing this setting a little too often and a little too clearly. As I see it, ignorance is no defence. As such AliExpress would have to deliver, Google would have to deliver as their shop was the mechanic and I would be selling it through their shop too, so I get the money, the clients get cards and the refunds, AliExpress gets paid and Google gets settled with all the bills in sight.

Is it fair? That is not the question that matters. The question becomes “Where lies the border towards the cost of doing business?” I reckon that Google is about to meet its borders. The fair part is that AliExpress will deliver or they get to be removed from Google Ads. You see, this level of deceptive conduct also reflects on Amazon and Siemens. Who would buy their valid products when AliExpress is having a quick go at marketing through Google Ads (as I personally see it). And the ‘confusing’ text of “Micro card 2TB SD CARD 2TB memory card 2TB MEMORI CARD 2TB TF CARD 2TB tf card 2tb sd card 2tb for mobile phone memory card” and they will respond with “Ohhh, it is the memori card” (not the memory card), The ‘2TB TF CARD’ is something different. If that is so their sentient Abigail Immaculatus can shed light on it, right?

The fact that this article according to the webpage has 9 orders implies that there is more going on and the Google system is being used as such. 

In this is has become essential that slapping Google is essential. As I personally see it, if AliExpresss cannot properly explain it, their accounts are to be pulled for no less than 180 days and until their products are properly assessed the counter will not change. 

In the meantime, as I am now losing out on a profit of $106,000,000 could either Sergey Brin, Sundar Pichai, Ruth Porat, or Jon Marc Anthony help me out here? I lost my retirement future, it is unfair that you allow deceptive conduct whilst my retirement is now no longer an option. 

Yours sincerely,

This poor poor financial inept vagrant (formerly known as the Lawlordtobe)

Enjoy the day, I might actually have a great weekend coming my way (including long term leave until retirement).


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