Is it IP? Is it not?

This is a story in parts, so lets begin with the introduction. In the old days (90’s) a company named SPSS (now part of IBM) came with a product called Answertree. It set the premise that Direct Marketing companies could either mail more or mail more clever. Th program allowed for the second part. So normally to get 15% more, you would have to mail 25% more, yet what happens when you get that result mailing 10% less? The system allowed for looking at the population you had, the population that responded and the two allowed you to see a tree, a tree with branches and connections. Soon you would see where to prune the tree, the parts that were not worth the squeeze wee pruned away and as you continue to prune this tree, you got a decent set of elements that were profitable. You learned that some elements are essential and others were not, you had a set of parameters to work with and in the old days you had 3.2% response, you got a new set where you only set out a mailing that was 80% of the first size and now you had a 6.8% response, it as clever mailing.

This reflects on Netflix and their ‘Netflix To Spend $17B On Content In 2021’, so what will they do in 2022, in 2023? That is the setting and there we get a new stage. What can be reused and what needs a rewrite, two settings that are still a lot cheaper than creating from scratch.

Today I was thinking of an old hero. A Dutch actor named Joop Doderer. Those from my generation and the previous generation will all know him if they spend months in the Netherlands between 1955 and 1975. Joop gave view to the vagrant ‘Swiebertje’ and in those years there was not a Dutch person who did not know that name, a branding that could now not be matched by the Game of Thrones. As such I kept eyes on his work and knowing he was in something always brought a smile to my face. That is until today when I learned that there was one movie I actually never saw. In it were also Derek Jacobi, John Gielgud, and Richard Attenborough so several reasons to know this movie, and I missed it. It was The Human Factor (1979), the story was by Graham Greene all good reasons, and that is one side.

The next part is the view on intelligence. You see in this day and age there is practically no difference between state players and corporate players. Do you think that a fictive player like Zoogle will rely on the FBI to keep their AI safe? 

Business Intelligence is no longer simple data analyses, it has not been that for years. Now we get 

1. planning, 
2. identifying decision makers’s intelligence needs, 
3. collecting and analysing information, 
4. disseminating intelligence products and services, 
5. evaluating intelligence activities, 
6. promoting intelligence services among a client base,
7. additional industry-specific issues. 

Competitive Intelligence Division members concentrate on developing their competitive intelligence skills to assist them in functioning more effectively as intelligence professionals within their respective organisations. Combine these two elements and you could have the making of one hell of a killer thriller. You see we know that places have traitors, and nationally seen it is to black and white. I know as an Australian I am still bound to an oath to the Dutch Royal family, this oath stays in place until the day I die. As such I have no issues (and never had any) regarding the execution of a traitor. And there is a part I left out, you see, the Traitor Manning did something far worse, I saw it and some others saw it, but the bulk missed it, and that is good, because it links to all this.

Yet in the corporate stage this is a lot more grey, there is no white which is merely less dark grey and black which is merely less light grey and at that point the story could go in all kinds of directions. The good part is that the foundation written by Graham Greene is top notch and that quality of material should not be left to waste. 

Part 2
This is not directly related. I was watching  remake of the Creedence Clearwater Revival hit ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain’. In it I saw Jack Quaid (the dude from the Boys) and his love interest Erin Moriarty, so I looked up what I could in case the hit was connected to season 3 somehow (it is not). I also learned that his dad was the Astronaut wannabe Dennis Quaid from the movie InnerSpace. You know the movie where he tries to get to the girlfriend of Martin Short (Meg Ryan). OK, I took some creative liberties here, but lets be honest, Jack could have been the son from that pilot from Independence day named Randy Quaid. But he is not and these elements all play because I suddenly remembered another gem by daddy Quaid. It was D.O.A. I never saw the original so this was what I had and consider that story, same premise but the poisoning is clear and in the beginning, and Jack needs to find out who robbed the IP of a place like Zoogle before the toxins overwhelm him (they all think he did it). As such we see a steeple chase of events where we see more grades of grey and in the end as he dies, we see that it was his lady who switches the ring with a duplicate and walks off towards the competition. Under the ember was a reflective side making a minuscule chip invisible and the chip fits into a holder showing billions in IP, and the two movies are connected by a hand with one small element (like a pearl bracelet) which we do not see until the final moment in movie two. Two good movies that become great as each population will entice each other to see the other movie. So each movie is no longer seen a X and Y but as 2*(X+Y), a nice little bonus is it not?

And it seems like the players in stream land are not seeing that, they are not seeing the benefit of remaking a good movie (regardless of revenue) and remastering it to the setting we see today, the corporations are all in their own right governments and we all seem to dance around that. Oh and there is a reason for the prune story, but that is something you will have to work out, life is just not rewarding without a decent challenge.

It bears thinking, does it not?


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