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I need to take you on a little journey. Last night I had to look up two teams. Dubai (of all places) has two hockey teams, the Dubai White bears and the Dubai Mighty Camels. That led me to the fact that they both have the Dubai Mall Ice Rink as their home rink. The important info like what makes someone from Dubai select one or the other was not revealed. Is it like a suburb, is it a north, south, east or west side selection? But that got me to the Dubai Mall Ice Rink and what I saw blew my mind. The rink is ACTUALLY part of the mall, you can stand a level higher, walk out of a shop and watch the game live at that location. Apart from the fact that I have never seen anything like that, the Dubai mall is as far as I have ever seen it the most beautiful mall in the world. I got that from the video ‘Dubai Mall | The World’s Largest Mall | Weekend Shopping’ (at and that place is amazing, but that go me to the video. A video of a person fast walking through a palace. Straight view like the filmer was wearing blinders. We never see the windows of the shops. I saw the waterfall (which was awesome) and I saw a whole other range of things, but the real deal, the mall. I saw too little, no real view on the shop windows, no real view on the building interior. Like a rat running a maze, never wondering what the walls look like and this is not a simple cardboard wall, these are walls of marble and gold. The shopkeepers take every effort to make their place the best looking place on the planet and the filmer rushes by them like one attracted to the smell of cheese just a corner away, just the smell, never the sight. What a shame to show a mall, that mall of all places like that. 

If you want to see more of the actual mall there is ‘Inside Dubai’s $20 Billion Dollar Mall’ (at more of an advertisement, but you get to see some of the real wonders in a mall and what a mind blowing experience it is. I took a look at a few more videos. The idea that my augmented reality solution is deployed there is awesome, but there is one consideration. This mall engages people, at that point the AR solution is mere advertisement. That is not bad or wrong, it merely is a consideration. On the upside there is a hockey rink, as such I see it the Dubai mall is as close to heaven as I am likely ever to see it.

But the driven mind seeks information. The chase video is nice, but watching a rat race will tire the mind soon enough, the filmer obviously never considered that part of the equation. I tend to over-consider these parts and of course (in light of my IP) looked for bookshops and found no information and more news then I wanted. Still, I got that information too. And what I found was an interesting part. This is the place where my IP has the least power, it actively engages audiences in many ways. It is clear that the people behind the Dubai Mall have figured out what creates an engaging environment, other malls should take notice. Not with the aquarium, 99.5% of the malls in the world do not have that kind of funding, but the options to engage with customers, a kids zone, the souk. Local solutions that could be transformed for people in Canada, the UK even French malls. And whether it is local culture, Arabian culture or both. Malls need to create engagement. My IP was designed for it and for me Dubai Mall was a revelation. You see, it is not when IP is maximised, it is when you s IP becomes less effective, that is when you see more, as such Dubai Mall was a revelation. My IP will still have value, not as much as in many other places and that is the cornerstone, the niche if you want to call it. As the borders of your niche are more clearly defined, you get the option to define new borders and optional new additions. It wasn’t given by a blank slate, it comes from seeing your limitations, the stage we face when others are already there and Dubai mall is clearly in the engagement phase. 

As such my mind is not trying to warp IP to fit their vision, it becomes a field to see what could be added to give the IP more value. This is what drove my 6G consideration to create a larger stage for Real estate a new propagation of real estate. As such I wonder if my AR solution will get new options to grow, new tentacles to grasp new opportunity, if we see the IP as a solution to grow, we need to test the IP in a place where it has little options to grow, because that is when we see what other directions become possible?

Have fun today, the first day after the weekend before.


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