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Timeless Art

Yes, that is a setting at times. Art that is truly timeless. We see it in paintings and sculptures, yet we forget that the boob tube and the big screen have these settings too. Take I, Claudius (1978) is one of these pieces. It fulfils the 4 elements. A script, the cast, the directors and the chemistry. With Robert Graves they had the book, it was altered and tweaked for TV by Jack Pulman. Then there was the cast. Derek Jacobi, Siân Phillips, Brian Blessed, John Hurt, George Baker, Margaret Tyzack, Patrick Stewart, John Castle, James Faulkner, John Rhys-Davies, and many more. Some will argue that the cast director got lucky and that might be true, several of these people were largely unknown, but not after I Claudius, That much is very certain, and the chemistry between all these actors, all set to the task of making real one of the most illusive books became a reality. When you realise this, it is now time to get you to the real story. You see, this has happened again in 1978, Billy Wilder would give us Fedora (not the hat), an equal amazing piece of work. With Marthe Keller, William Holden, Hildegard Knef, and Jose Ferrer. These people would do something that is close to the perfection we saw in I Claudius. They created a piece of art that is still remembered 44 years later. I would suggest that it is time for a remaster with a new cast, and a female director. The idea that we set the elements of the movie in a new stage (me trying to avoid spoilers) with the view of Kathryn Bigelow, Sofia Coppola or Olivia Wilde might make it an interesting journey for the people watching it. Let’s be clear there is nothing wrong with Billy Wilder, but at present he is busy with other projects. And these is something mesmerising on a female view in this setting. Still it will become a tall order. Billy Wilder was a legendary director, the script was really good and so was the cast. Yet I believe that after 44 years and the alterations in real life that we see and those events thrust upon us, some of the elements in the movie might do well with an upgrade and I believe the new movie could be better for it. I am not stating that Billy Wilder dropped the ball, the movie was full on and way beyond interesting in 1978, we merely have more to go on in this day and age. To be honest, it seems that most have forgotten this gem and that is sad. There is no recrimination, there is no blame, it is as it is and perhaps me tossing the ball in the air will give a scriptwriter the inspiration to take this to the next level. 

Enjoy the day!

P.S. Enjoy the day as much as you can, there are 744,297 new COVID cases in the last 24 hours, so if only 1% is terminal, there will be 7,000 jobs and optionally up to 7,000 houses and apartments available early next year. And with the US and UK racing for first position, all whilst the UK has 20% of the US population and 50% of the cases that are inflicted on the US the race is wide open towards more affordable living. So you can write a script or start screaming like the other anti-lockdown people. It is up to you. I tend to be as productive as possible and as I do not interact directly with other people I will for the longest time avoid getting this irritating flu, and let’s consider that we can call it the super-flu, just like Stephen King did in the Stand. How did that end again?


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Setting a standard

As I am rewatching the Stand (1996), I am also interested watching the new version when it is released. A stage where we wonder if the Stand is fiction or a stage where it becomes future history, and if that is debatable,  should the Stand now be seen as a documentary? You think I am joking, but merely partially so. You see, the news gives us ‘Ten Republicans voted to impeach Donald Trump. The backlash has been swift’ (at https://www.sbs.com.au/news/ten-republicans-voted-to-impeach-donald-trump-the-backlash-has-been-swift). A stage tht SBS gives and a lot do not, why is that? So as we see “In Michigan, a challenger to Mr Meijer received a boost when Steve Bannon promoted him on his podcast”, we should wonder if Steve Bannon, who was (quote NY Times) “charged on Thursday with defrauding donors to a private fund-raising effort called We Build the Wall, which was intended to bolster the president’s signature initiative along the Mexican border”, should we give any consideration to a person who was pardoned before it went to court? And this is a man who was directly connected to Cambridge Analytica. A person like that is (as I personally see it) tainted, and as such I wonder if we can trust a person who is challenging Peter Meijer in Michigan. I personally see it that anyone pushed forward by Steve Bannon will come at a cost, can we afford to accept that? It is equally an issue that there were only 10 republicans on the impeachment side, I reckon that they are ten people who still have some level of morals and the US has seen enough moral-less behaviour.

The setting is a lot bigger than you think, as we see the far right scrapping for attention, we also see the danger of Trumpism, especially in a stage where its industrial complexes are surpassed by China. We hear all the accusations of IP theft, yet so far the US, Sweden (Ericsson) and Finland (Nokia) are barely catching up with China, they are still decently behind Huawei, and if that IP was stolen, they would at the very least be on par and Europe is catching on. The US is about to become irrelevant. Irrelevant due to a $25 trillion debt, irrelevant due to a lack of innovation and irrelevant due to Trumpism, the US needs to set a standard, the Republicans need to set a standard and they have to do it fast, or they will not be seen in office until past 2035, optionally past 2039. With the Democratic nanny state in charge, and no exit strategy in place, the Corona issues will merely set a much faster downfall than ever seen before. Even now we are treated to ‘New Zealand reports first case in the community in months’, the cause was a woman who had been in self isolation for 2 weeks. And it gets to be worse, what I warned for recently is now a given “The Ministry of Health said the woman had tested negative twice before leaving an isolation facility in Auckland on 13 January”, we see one patient and two false negatives, yet the media is drowning the events. Then we see ‘despite Pfizer shortages overseas’, a setting I expected as the amounts required were nowhere near possible and in all this the stage of properly informing the public is out of the question, we see small bites of events and I see a lot as I check 8-14 news sources, but a lot of it will not be seen everywhere, merely in some places, and why is that? Sop whilst the US is trying to figure things out, the world has its own demons to fight and in all this the media is seen as less and less reliable. 

We need to set a standard, we need to stop facilitating and we need to hold people to account, that includes politicians that facilitate for greed and industrial needs, and as the media (in this case the Guardian give us “World Health Organization estimates air pollution kills more than 7 million people each year”, we still see the absence of the actual issue, even as they source against ‘1% of people cause half of global aviation emissions’, a stage that is debatable at best, the Guardian is actively ignoring the fact that the European Environment Agency told us all that 1% of ALL plants are responsible for 50% of the Air pollution damages, they did not come out against with evidence, no with the Commercial world having 24,000 planes flying, we get “Frequent-flying “‘super emitters” who represent just 1% of the world’s population caused half of aviation’s carbon emissions in 2018, according to a study”, so 80,000,000 people caused that, all whilst the 1% of plants are more manageable, so why keep us in the dark? Hiding behind the word ‘study’ is equally BS. And the setting will get worse as the nanny state pussies will cater to the media again and again, because, as I personally see it, they cater to the share holders, the stake holders and the advertisers and they are the industrials that are greed, revenue driven, contribution driven and profit driven, and if you think that Trumpism is a problem, the sliding of standards is pushing Trumpism to the surface, because the greed driven profit from that side too, and that is debatable, I know that, I get it and I understand it. Consider the quote from a comedy ‘Operation Petticoat’ (1959) where we are treated to the quote “In confusion there is profit!”, we are living the confusion, you better believe that someone is banking on the profit, and until we regain a setting of standards this will continue.

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