Vein tapping

Yes, I do that at times. It is not a junkie term, it is a data term and it comes from mining. Tapping the vein is to see if anything is up yet. With my 5G IP in place there is still a setting that I can tap and like many other people I would like to tap that vein, especially as retirement is approaching. So as I was watching and seeking certain top line sources I stumbled upon “wireless internet will be faster and more abundant, even in rural locations. This means that digital ads could appear in more areas, providing a seamless and consistent branded experience for your customers. The visuals and media in each ad could also be improved, advancing due to high network speeds”, it is the mot iterative version of delusional. It is not a lie all what you see is true, but it is for the people who look towards yesterday. Those who look to tomorrow will see a massive shift in the approach towards marketing, as I personally see it, the mass approach is close to over, it will last, but those who look towards tomorrow see that marketing will b a very different beast, it aligns to the one, it aligns to retail and to the shopper. In the 90’s SPSS brought a program called AnswerTree. It was a good and direct idea to marketing. You see, if we are to approach 4% of the people we need to market to over 15%, that was the old way and the people at SPSS already saw that to market to more, you either spend a linear amount more, or you market more efficient. The second one was ALWAYS better, the researcher pruned their marketing tree and a smaller bonsai version of marketable people remained. This has served a lot for close to 20 years, but that time is gone now. You see, you can use that approach and seek the largest clusters, yet over all smaller clusters are lost and why? Tomorrow will be about location and that is a different kettle of fish, at least two of my IP address that and the stage is rapidly getting larger, and the largest station hit me with some surprise. It seems that Google is not on that page yet, or if they are they are playing that card very very close to the chest. 

It is my believe that they are not completely on that page and for me that is a great feeling. It should be for Amazon too, they have a few lines out and I doubt Microsoft has a clue. You see Amazon marketing and advertising is set to Amazon and that is a fine run, yet I believe that they can reach more, as can Google. If they change the dimension of WHERE they are, they could approach the location of where everyone WANTS to be and that is all about tomorrow. Google and Amazon have the inside track and that is illuminating for a few reasons. You see, for 20 years it was all Google and now another is getting close on the next setting, neither are there yet but they could be. For me (and my IP) it is good news, because when they launch, I could release my IP and suddenly see 6-8 clusters there and it matters because it makes my IP a lot more valuable. 

Amazon will give you “Ad solutions to help you reach and engage millions of Amazon customers at every stage of their journey” and that sounds nice in the industry of today, but that is about to change and that system will not accomodate, not in time at least. Google has its system and has a few more options, but not the one they both need and that makes me happy (actually very very happy). So as I see the designs and failings (like Bing) I see a set of players all going in a similar direction, whilst they are all looking in the wrong direction. You see, the definition given earlier is good, but we should realise “wireless internet will be faster and more abundant, even in rural locations, offering a much larger pool to scammer and spammers”, and until the funnel is inverted that problems remains, and will remain to a limited degree after that and the stage is set to shopkeepers, that change will the stage completely and I am already ready with that IP. So when Neom in Saudi Arabia launches, certain players will suddenly realise what they missed and that is when my solution starts gaining traction and value fast, just as I hoped. The question is will it be in 2023 or will I have to wait until 2024 to make it all public domain. Such exciting times coming my way. Yummy!


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