Behind the eyelids

Two dreams got to me and they both happened on the same night. The first one is weird in all kinds of ways. I cannot tell whether it is the foundation of a game, a movie or something else. In this dream it is mostly about some new MMORPG. It has a scientific side. You see the premise is that in these games most people become like herd-people. They will cluster into tasks. There will always be the ‘hero’ and goes racing into enemy hands getting himself (or herself) killed. In this my mind reached back to the original Star Trek specifically the episode ‘Shore Leave’ there we learn “The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play.” That quote always meant something to me. Now consider the MMORPG and now we can monitor interactions, but not draining the game. In this two bird types are addd to the game. The Albatros, a bird that flies around the shores of a nation and it has the ability to carpet the fields collecting thoughts and observing interactions to groups of people and the second bird is the Hawk. That one focusses on smaller areas and can pick up one specific character. Now you think that there is not a lot more, but consider that these two can like the character to the actual person outside of the game. Now we have a way to tag people, the undesirable and the willing. You see, the more simplistic the setting (Roman, Greek, Carthaginians, Egyptian), the more basic the weapons, the more that person will embrace his character, the character will more and more be the real person. That also means that now those behind the screens can unite the both and find the willing, the dangerous and the unknown players. Without any real intrusion to that persons ‘privacy’ the people orchestrating the game can make a mould of groups and clusters of people. That was as far as I got. There are all kinds of ‘measurements’ in real life and for the most they are all marketing based, but what happens when games take them to the next stage? It is not out of the realm of possibilities and that could make for a nice game, or movie for that matter.

The second dream took me to Slovenia (never been there myself). In the dream it was a movie (of sorts) the main roles were a spymaster of the CIA being called to the issues in Slovenia where he spend his early years and he had fond memories of it. Slovenia was overrun by the Russians and it was a power-knot of Russian forces, the FSB and the GRU. Central in the story was a fort or castle where they were housed at. The spymaster was played by Brian Cox (the true love of Helen Mirren, R.E.D.) and his student and main protagonist Ryan Gosling (aka Barbie’s Ken). The story is that taking out the heads of the FSB and GRU will throw the entire setting in turmoil and there they have an edge. A electrician and sympathiser found a door leading to a secret exit. He closed the door and sealed the door claiming it has dangerous toxic fumes. The door doesn’t lead to anything as such it was accepted. And he leads the people through the secret exit into the castle. We see him rewire lights and rewire options and the exit leads to a small room with two connecting rooms. They smuggle in hardware, they smuggle in equipment and they are ready. They have to wait three days until that sumit starts and several Russian bigwigs are in attendance.  In the meantime Brian and Ryan are around town confirming what they can and as the buildup of Russian forces are visible they seem to be on the wining side. In the meantime the Slovenian resistance has their head people in the room as well, they all want a claim towards striking such a blow to Russia. It is whilst driving Brian notices something, He grabs a baby monitor (CIA edition) and quickly states “It’s a trap, get out, get out now”, they sit in the car surrounded by Russian trucks being as small a shadow as possible. He states to Ryan “How many Russian soldiers do you know reading the bible whilst on watch?” The electrician was FSB, this was a play from the beginning to capture the Slovenian resistance. And yes, the door opens and Russian forces come pouring in. They had set up some traps with Ammonia and bleach (creating Chlorine gas) but the two dozen soldiers are all wearing masks. The resistance is all captured. Ryan has an idea to get back in and complete the mission, but he has a trump card. He studied the plans and that room links to another place. That is where he placed some boobytrapped weapons and he gets there by stealth killing the Russian soldiers and placing MRUD’s (Slovenian claymore) on the stairwell. He then goes to the place he knew about and uses some clustered RPG on the dignitaries stand who were there to watch the resistance leaders die. He escapes as quickly as possible and we do never know how the resistance people fared. He hopes that the confusion gave them an escape option. He then aids Brian as he was suckered into this deal by finding a former CIA executive, who was a Russian double all along. 

Brian walks away from his friends corpse stating “Sometimes you bite the bear, when you do make sure you bite hard” and Ryan follows him. 

One night, optional watching two movies for free. Well, they don’t exist yet, so that is my creative mind on a binge in dreamland.

Have a great Friday, only 3 days until Monday.


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