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IP that is to be admired

This happens, some of us (including me) we admire IP, not ours, we love ours. But we notice someone else coming up with a golden idea. We might be a little envious, but in the end, they came up with the idea in THEIR field, which might not be our field and in this case it wasn’t my field. But I took notice a year ago of the invention and I was amazed. Someone came up with the innovative idea that would never have come to me and that is an IP that is to be admired. Before I let the curtain drop, a small set of numbers need to be handed to you. In the US alone 11,000,000 women get drugged EVERY year before they get the wiener up the canal. That amounts to over 30,000 women each day and considering that the EU has twice the population these numbers are staggering. So every Friday evening when the girls go out together 212,000 women will be taking it up the canal (there are two options) without their consent. So when we think of Revlon, Inc., Sinful Colors, Estee Lauder, Maybelline New York, Cover Girl, Chanel, L’Oreal, Lancome, Rimmel and several other brands. They filled their pockets through the purses of millions of women, but what did THEY do to keep them safe. Take your time, in the last weekend alone around 250,000 women took it up one of the canals without their consent. What was done?

Consider this question whilst I introduce the IP. I saw a rehash of an article I saw a year ago. The article at (https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/05/date-rape-drug-test-allows-women-to-discreetly-check-for-spiked-drinks.html) was from September 2018, so in 5 years these firms did nothing? In almost 5 years something should have been achieved. There are some issues with what I read, but the idea has a much larger merit. And 4 students from the North Carolina State University came up with this innovative measure. The idea of nail polish when it is covered with the drink will turn a shade when it is chemically enhanced. They could detect Xanex, Rohypnol and a whole score of drugs. They do not detect all, but the drugging weasels could soon be made to run before they shoot their load. So when I see that undercover colors CEO Barbara Cook give us “They do not screen for other common date rape drugs, such as GHB or ketamine” we see progress. OK, improvements could be made but that is with every IP, I myself reinvented the same IP close to half a dozen times before it seemed decent and that is before others go to town on that 5G IP. But the almost simplistic stage of making nail polish a drug detector is true innovation at the core and we see Undercover Colors, So what about the other brands? They made over $11 billion in 2022. Don’t you think that they owe women some level of safety? I would seriously reconsider what you buy and from whom you buy it. It seems that only Undercover Colors is trying to keep you safe, so why we give salute to the quarter of a million women taking it up their canal without consent this coming weekend, I actually wonder how long they will let this happen. How long until all colours in any nail polish will turn a shade or two when it detects certain chemicals. So I salute these four students from the North Carolina State University for being one of the true innovators of tomorrow. We give credit where credit is due.


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Where idea’s die

I have been tossing and turning on an idea. I am not sure whether it is a good idea, whether it can be adapted to anything, but for some reason the idea would not let go. Almost like the first time I considered the Augmented Reality approach. The idea is related to that. It is a new approach to visibility in jewellery, and if the Mobile can be adjusted this could bring a much larger stage than we see now. Yet I only see the approach for rings and bracelets. There are a few more, but that is open for interpretation and that is where doubt creeps in. A ‘What if’ approach. And the doubt creeps in and makes an appearance. Doubt, it is the place where ideas die. 

And make no mistake, I have doubts just like any other idea man, I believe a decent amount of doubt is good, it makes you redo what you have and test it for yourself but that too comes at a price and my mind is no different than anyone else’s. So, what to do?

Now, I am decently certain that mobiles cannot do what I have in mind, but should that stop the idea? I merely need to find the one maker (Google or Tesla) to add that functionality and a new market is created and I do believe that this market could grow by a lot. And as my mind was filling in blanks and create additional opportunities doubt stepped in and wrecked the train of thought. Yet I feel that pushing on will create the idea stronger and more adapt, but at every step doubt comes in and rears its ugly head. I am ready for doubt and self doubt, it merely makes the idea and my conviction stronger. It was Atropos who stated again and again “μέχρι εκεί θα πάτε” (that is as far as you will go) every time she cut the wire, and at some point he will cut my thread too. Will there be enough time? I hope so, there are plenty of ideas coming forward, and there is a certain satisfaction that my IP bundle keeps on growing (even if it goes nowhere at present). But that is OK, I feel that Tencent is waiting for their steps, I believe that they are making steps to grow League of legends and I believe that the Patent for their console is merely a first step. They might have stopped their game streaming, but the hardware is still there. I think they are awaiting a signal, no idea what signal it is, but it will upset the American streaming player to no end (Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, Netflix, Apple) and whatever Microsoft has. And they are all looking in the same places and that is where my $500M a month idea goes to town, no one is looking in that place and I should consider adding a new player to that field. Yet I feel certain that they will see if it can be done via Tencent (not a given, merely a hunch). And yes there is some doubt, but the larger doubts were crushed when I saw the Unreal Engine 5 presentation of Riverwood. I had the same feeling in 1992 after all the GIF files when I saw the first JPG files. Those who are that old forgot about that moment, didn’t you? And it also gave me the idea that could get the streamers over 50 million subscriptions. Doubt faded and it will for the other idea too. We fight to prevent the ideas to die, but a good amount of doubt keeps the idea strong and that is the stage where I am now, I merely need to convince someone high up in the Tesla Pi department that there is a place where other phones are not looking, or they decided to dump the idea and I believe that there is a market and when it takes off the others will fight to catch up, but they will lose a year, so how to push for the idea that will make that idea fly? And jewellers are the first step. 46,776 Jewellery Stores businesses in the US as of 2022, EU jewellery industry includes some 27,850 companies and whilst we crunch those numbers and we see that there is a little decline in that market we need to realise that those around have their own doubts, they also fight for survival. It might not hinder the larger players like LVMH who declined 17%, Rajesh Exports grew and processes 35% of all the gold produced worldwide, Chanel, Chow Tai Fook, Cartier, Signet, Tiffany and a few more. These larger players might not need that new idea but do you think they stay behind when the idea takes off? They are in it for the numbers and some might have merely declined only 0.41%, but that is enough to set up all the lights and markers, my doubt is not doing well when I see the opportunity as it is and when I saw the Line presentation. A place with 9 million people all in a stage where presentation and representation is key and there my idea will find a voice box. One building with a population that equals London and is larger than Sydney or New York. Yes, my doubt is fading and it is merely one of at least 3 ideas that could find its way there. There is a place where Ideas die, but I feel that I can void that place a little while longer, especially with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia making these kinds of turns and when it starts there the other places can follow or fade. You see, a place like Monaco gets 159,000 tourists and it has as one source stated a mere 128 jewellery stores. So my idea is doing just fine and the idea works 24:7. But I need not worry doubt will come again and test the ideas I have, for now I can see that Andy Jassy and Sundar Pichai have no idea what they are missing out on and it is only half a billion a month, optionally a lot more. So Tencent has options as do two other new players.

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