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Pray for the incantation

As we prayed in the circle of light, we were given the clue we needed to proceed. Yet, for a lot of people that does not make sense and it does not need to be the case. Those who ever played the RPG Ultima 3 will know what I mean. It was an ‘other’ action that was required. It was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw ‘Saudi Arabia suspends prayer in mosques, exempts holy Makkah and Madinah sites‘ (at https://www.arabnews.com/node/1642761/saudi-arabia),in this I wonder what the churches are contemplating. We see ‘Most Vatican offices open, but adapting schedules in wake of pandemic‘, it is there where we see the first iteration of who prays towards the need for greed and who does not. Even as we are informed in the very first paragraph to “Vatican offices will remain open to ensure “essential services for the universal church,” but each office is being asked to evaluate the best ways to provide those services while observing health precautions and guidelines on safe distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus“, it is nice that the clergy is adapting towards ‘evaluate’ even as we all realise on how they are absent of medical knowledge, they are also a little unaware of the cases in their surrounding Italy with 31,506 cases and 2,503 non-living people, increasing their nonliving population by 345 in the last 24 hours. All this whilst the Vatican has a reported 1 case of the disease and as far as we can tell that person is still alive, yet in that given environment “Pope Francis ignored the lockdown of Italy amid the country’s severe coronavirus outbreak, and shocked two churches with a special visit to soothe fears and pray for the end of the disease spreading across the planet“, what can I say? The man is a proven ideologist.

Yet we see the sober act in Saudi Arabia “Saudi Arabia has decided to suspend congregational prayers across all mosques in the Kingdom, except for the Two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah“, it is an act that makes sense. In addition we see a second part that makes sense “Mosque doors will be closed temporarily but they will be allowed to recite the call to prayer“, OK, I understand that, if there is one part that the Vatican and Saudi Arabia have in common it is their approach to faith, and as such we see “an amendment has been made to the call in which the usual phrase “come to prayer” in the Arabic call has been replaced with “pray at home”. The new phrase can also be translated as “pray where you are”.” It makes sense and the fact that I got this almost only from the Arab News gives rise to how large the cliff between christian media and other media is. This is all being written by me as I am listening to ‘Wish You Were Here‘ by Pink Floyd, mind and ears are in sync and we are all giving welcome to the machine that is within us. Even as we see that, we see the beginning of a new problem, one that I saw coming (ha ha ha) ‘UK mobile phone networks report problems as Brits start work from home‘, they might be the first, but they are not the only ones. I reckon that some of the networks all over Europe,all now pushed to the brink of maximum, they are all in a stage where they are close to the point of buckling. And in that light where we see governments shouting to firms that they should embrace ‘working from home’, we will see a much larger collapse. And as we are being told “Customers of all the major networks including EE, O2, Vodafone, Three and GiffGaff, reported problems. Downdetector, which monitors network problems, said outages were in cities across the UK“,
I see a much larger collapse. Even as Reuters gives us ‘Can networks cope with millions working from home? So far, yes‘. I am doubtful, when the work from home takes on larger proportions, the German and French networks will buckle like a 90 year old with a bad back. In the middle of the 5G push no one has a seemingly sober head in making sure that one does not replace the other at this stage. The timing for them is too much out of balance and it is more likely then not that we will see larger interruptions in the big 4 economic nations of the EU. 

And this is merely the beginning. Stephanie Kirchgaessner (the one that made Saudi accusations on Jeff Bezos) gives us “Google has been accused by two US senators of seeking to exploit consumers fear over Covid-19 for profit following allegations that the company is targeting “predatory” and “price-gouging” ads for scarce goods, including protective masks and hand sanitiser, to vulnerable users“, one of them Mark Warner gives us screenshots and even whilst I am not saying that he is intentionally misinforming us, my search gives us [see image], and even as I am not saying that he is misinforming us, the images are part of a much larger issue, it is the issue that some people do not understand the mechanics of a larger system, the abusers do and it seems that certain politicians (some journalists too) will always be outfoxed by abusers of any system. 

It is in that ‘christian’ view that we do not understand the setting we see in Saudi Arabia and even as I access the ‘Work-from-home policy set to help contain virus in Saudi Arabia‘ (at https://www.arabnews.com/node/1642931/saudi-arabia), that part and the ‘Saudi health minister outlines Kingdom’s preventive measures against coronavirus‘, I personally belief that we all have a lot more to learn, and even as some are in prayer (both Christian and Muslim) for optional wisdom, we ened to wonder how many politicians are in it for the common good and not for personal gain, as I personally see it, there is a larger drive towards factual information, in this I am not stating that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia give out more information, but they do seemingly give out less misinformation, which is a win for all who read it, no matter what your religion is. The lack of greed is seen in “Pregnant women and new mothers, people suffering from respiratory diseases, those with immune-system problems or chronic conditions, cancer patients and employees above the age of 55 are to be given 14 days compulsory paid leave, which will not be deducted from their annual entitlement“, which companies in the EU, US or Commonwealth give that as an option? A few do, but that list is really limiting to see. 

In all this Saudi Arabia is still important, when we realise that they have 171 cases (38 more than yesterday) and no reported deaths, it seems that whatever track they have in place is seemingly delaying the larger impact on the people, even as Iceland has no fatalities, that isolated island already has 247 cases (48 more than yesterday). So something is working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and perhaps it is merely the dry heat, we just do not know at present. 

There is a larger story and it comes from a few, not just me. The conversation (at http://theconversation.com/what-islamic-hygienic-practices-can-teach-when-coronavirus-is-spreading-133221) gave us 2 days ago “The recent Netflix docuseries “Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak” illustrates how the Islamic ritual washing, known as “wudu,” may help spread a good hygiene message“, and I am reminded on how my ‘accusation’ on how pragmatic Islamic law is, I actually did not see this coming. the fact that the pragmatic approach to Wudu is still in a stage of superiority over the Coronavirus. Is that the wrong thought to have? Perhaps, but the health experts (I am not one) are agreeing on the factual benefit that Wudu has. It is almost the stage where the Wilder humor takes over the stage (as seen in Blazing Saddles): “Now go do that Wudu that you do so well” and it becomes a much larger stage to behold. If the cleaning of one has a much larger benefit, what else did Christians optionally get wrong?

So as we are told “Wudu is to be performed, as was done by the Prophet Muhammad, in a specific order before praying, which takes place five times a day. Before each prayer, Muslims are expected to wash themselves in a certain order – first hands, then mouth, nose, face, hair and ears, and finally their ankles and feet“, we (most christians) are in the belief that we are right and others are wrong (even the ones they removed from existance), in all this we see the effect that the Coronavirus has and fear takes over, as such, is this the time to see if we can cross the gap between Christianity and Islam? Even Muslim institutions are open to adjustment. That part is seen in “Muslim institutions have begun to recommend that people make sure to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap before doing wudu. Emphasizing that wudu alone cannot prevent the virus from spreading, other Islamic institutions recommend that mosques supply extra soap and hand sanitizer near the washing area“, they never claimed to be the wisest, merely that they were as wise as anyone can be, and in that light the Christians sneering at this part should consider ‘KENTUCKY MAN WHO TESTED POSITIVE FOR CORONAVIRUS GUARDED AT HOME BY POLICE AFTER HE REFUSED TO QUARANTINE‘, as such we see that there is a larger stage of stupidity and it is not limited to politicians, anyone can get on that stage. it seems interesting that the law allows for this and then sets the stage where a police force is required to stop this person from infecting others, was the bible his inspiration? 

No matter what faith we have, we can only hope to hear an inner voice when we pray for wisdom, whether you have a faith or you are an agnostic, we all have a need for wisdom. And in that light, when we see the clear benefits of Wudu, how much time the western media took to give the light to this practice? 

There is a much larger disruption and I believe not illuminating the things we can properly do is at the heart of this disruption. We see governments dousing panic driven flames, yet the larger fire is unattended, please feel free not to believe me, but this article is riddled with optional evidence. I say optional, because a lot of it is fueled through a lack of clarity, as I personally see this Mark Warner being one of them. When 144 characters is the maximum for an accusation, and what he sees as a ‘Google Search’ all whilst we see “These ads, from a range of different advertisers, were served by Google on websites for outlets such as The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, CNBC, The Irish Times, and myriad local broadcasting affiliates,” in this we see the accusation, yet not the critical look that the mentioned “a range of different advertisers” are set to, the lack of Google Ads knowledge is at the heart of that foundation. 

The image I am showing is in none of the Wark Warner images, is that not weird too?


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The Syrian principle

Syria has been on the forefront of most minds. Some look at it to solve it, some to see stability as a reason and some, or so it seems see Syria as a solution to a second game that has stages in play. So the question from this moment becomes whether Syria is now altered into a stack of dominoes? If we apply the domino principle to certain events in the Middle East, then the question becomes, how fair is that assessment?

First there is the fact that Brahimi, envoy to the UN has been very ‘outspoken’ in getting Iran involved. This is not me questioning Mr Brahimi as to why he wanted Iran to be part of it anyway. The question I have is valid, yet, I will admit that Mr Lakhdar Brahimi has an impressive list of achieved levels of expertise and as such we should regard him as the NHL coach bringing back the Stanley cup more than once. Like Jack Adams and Tommy Ivan. As a true blue Capitals fan, I still think the Red Wings suck (massively). Yet, these two coaches brought home Stanley three times each. They needed the players, but the coaches made it happen. We hate the team, we respect the coaches (it’s a screwed up world, I know). Such is life! Lakhdar Brahimi is in the same league. We do not like, or even care for the players at present, but the mitigation has made it happen in the past and as such we will watch how the play unfolds.

The mentioned play does have a lingering after taste. When Russia set into motion another Nuclear Power plant, when their support to Iran was given and they requested Iran to make certain moves, was this the upcoming play they had started to begin with?

Of course Russia has the resources, the power, the persuasion and the economic interests to make this all happen. It does however bring the question who or what Iran is actually representing? Syria, the Syrian people or just themselves?

Does this reflect on Lakhdar Brahimi?

I do not believe that this is the case. His work for the Elders, his work as a board member for the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute as well as his work for both the UN and the Arab League. He is trying to solve an issue and he will use any ethically accepted method to make the members to his party Waltz for peace. The question validly remains what the invitees have in mind. If we see the evidence through time and space that Russia cares about Russia, plain and simple, then their acts are not wrong, or not wanted, yet when the dance is not about the dance but about trademarking the fashion they wear, then who are the real dancers and what do they stand for?

Russia is not alone. We could ask somewhat similar questions of the USA. The UK is out of reach as they started the parliament step. The result is not one they wanted, but they stood by it. It was an admirable step, but not the greatest moment in David Cameron’s career.

Does it matter?

It does, but for different reasons you could imagine. We are all getting in a world that is getting more and more complicated. Like the inefficient use by some managers to hang onto ‘bullet point statements‘ in their memo’s, we genome in an unrealistic way the issues in play. At times a 2000 word document cannot be tweeted in a 144 character statement; the unrealistic approach that this always works will mean that people judge on inaccurate and incomplete information. In case of the Middle East it is not one, but hundreds of documents on that size. A tweet will not get us there and at times we need a person to make the choices to keep the story minimised, clear and correctly complete. Here Lakhdar Brahimi has his work cut out.

This is where the current situation just gets murky. No matter how clean the presiding speaker is, we know that there are dancers like Russia in play. Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons still corrupts the idea, the notion and the act. What to do?

I do not know, but I do know that the talks will not just be about Syrian victims and Chemical weapons. It will have attached talks of Iranian nuclear power and a few more non-disclosed points of discussion.

What is an interesting development, which weirdly enough is not getting the level of exposure through the PRESS are the acts of King Abdullah II of Jordan and Pope Francis (the Bishop of Rome, in case you did not know) as they are trying to find solution through dialogue. Yes, I know that many others are in favour of this. Consider that Jordan is currently getting pounded on lack or resources as they deal with close to 1.5 million refugees. Still, His Royal Highness is not hiding behind others, or seeking an easy way out. No, he is hoping that dialogues will bring a solution. THAT is character of the highest level!

I would like that talks will solve is this issue, yet my sense of reality tells me it is no longer an option when two teams are so polarised. I am no standard to be based upon, but people like Pope Francis and King Abdullah II should be heralded for taking such a strong stance of principle, especially when we see what their stance is costing the Jordan government. Consider that we saw European nations back down lately for issues a lot less than that.

The world is a lot more complex for all players involved. We the people must accept this and we must accept the responsibility of knowing a lot more. If we do not, then we do not get to blame our representation and their choices for action, because we did not know. Ignorance is NOT a defence!

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